The Change Society has a paypal account set up to take donation for all programs. All donations will be to support Hashtag Lunchbag unless otherwise requested. All donations to Hashtag Lunchbag are to purchase ingredients for the sack lunches, water, or hygiene products.

If you want to donate to another program within The Change Society please send us an email stating your name, your paypal confirmation number and what program you want your donation to service to

Love Out Loud

You made our day! Your support means so much, not only to The Change Society, but to the homeless community we serve and the children we embrace in support through their life journey.

Here at The Change Society, our goal is to help break the cycles of hungry, child abuse and homelessness. We aim to do so by bringing together a community of people with the same goals, to make a positive impact and change in todays society. Thanks to contributions like yours, we have fed over 2000 homeless since the program started, and aim to house 14-16 kids from domestic violence in the next year.

Thank you! You truly have made a difference.

In-Kind Donation

We are always welcoming to in-kind donations. Each of our programs need in-kind donation support. *For all in-kind donations contact us at for pick up or drop off arrangements.

  1. #Hashtag Lunchbag Phoenix – paper bag sandwich bags, bottled water, hygiene products (travel size), plastic sandwich bags, any food items individually packaged, etc.
  2. Youthful Journey – any house furnishing items, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.
  3. Community Garden (Coming Soon)
  4. Volunteer Support – raffle items (gift cards, art work, movie tickets etc)

* All programs are accepting and grateful of any in-kind donations, if you have a donation and would like to know if we are in need or could use it, please email us at


Amazon Smile has an amazing program that allows you to shop and give to your favorite organization while shopping. All you have to do is click here. Amazon Smile will ask what charity, simply enter ‘The Change Society’.

Once you have entered the charity, simply continue shopping as normal. 0.05% of your total purchase will go to The Change Society.

We greatly appreciate your support in using Amazon Smile with The Change Society.