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What does it mean to you to be a part of #hashtag lunchbag Phoenix?

May 18, 2017
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“When Q and Nick first said they were gonna do it, I was in and donated so we could do it that first run. I knew we were onto something and felt like we had to do so much more. During distribution one of the first couple of months, I actually gave a lunch to my uncle, who was homeless at the time. I knew then and there that I would be a part of what we were doing until we stopped doing it. That was in 2013. I keep volunteering because of the opportunity it gives me to have an impact on the community as well as being able to set an example for the teens I work with. I love what we do, why we do it and the people that have become part of my family. It’s crazy to think I’ve had a hand and played a part in the work we’ve been able to do over the last 4 years.”

-Ruben Aguilera

In The Spotlight

The Change Society would like to welcome Midwest Food Bank located in Gilbert Arizona. MFB started in 2003 when the Kieser family began providing food out of a barn on their family farm. MFB serves over 1,400 non-profit organizations while also maintaining a ready posture to come to the aid of those affected by regional or national disasters. They distribute over $9.5 million in food each month. Midwest Food Bank functions today as it did at its founding: a faith-based community organization consisting of hundreds of volunteers, generous donors, and corporate partners, all operating to serve those in need. We are glad to be apart of the team!